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Kost castle

Kost castle

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Originated after 1371; its builder was probably Peter of Wartenberg. After him Kost was acquired by the Hasenburgs and after them by the Schellenbergs palazzo Schellenberg. Jan of Biberstein, added behind the first gate the "renaisance" wing with the big kitchen. Under Krystof Popel of Lobkowicz in 1576 originated the whole southern part of the Castle with the brewery. The plan of Albrecht of Waldstein to redesign Kost into a country home and at the same time to remain a stronghold, was interrupted by his death in 1634. In 1635 a part of the Castle was destroyed by fire after which it ceased to be inhabiteted by the proprietors. The Czernins of Chudenicz changed, at the end of the 17th cent., the gothic palace with the appartments into a granary. The Castle suffered durning the 30-years-war and was to be destroyed. After 1867 it was in part reconverted in neogothic style.

The Castle is dominated by the angular White

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