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Baths of Caracalla

Baths of Caracalla

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The Baths of Caracalla ranked among the largest public baths in Rome. Construction was begun in the year AD 206 and completed in AD 216, during the reign of Emperor Caracalla. Further extensions and embellishments were added until the year 235. The baths were in use for over three centuries. During a siege in the year 536, the Goths destroyed the aqueduct that was responsible for the water supply of the complex. After further destruction by an earthquake, the complex deteriorated and served as a quarry. The ruins of the baths were used, among other things, as building material for newly arising villas. The baths were situated on the Aventine Hill. A huge terrace-shaped platform was constructed in order to make room for the complex. This covered approximately 11 hectares (approx. 27 acres). The bath house was situated roughly in the centre of the complex. In the surrounding buildings the libraries, restaurants, gymnasiums, art galleries and more we

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