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Berlin Cathedral

Berlin Cathedral

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The history of Berlin Cathedral began in the 15 th century when Pope Paul II raised a chapel in the castle to a cathedral chapter. From this time also originated the name which is still officially used today – Cathedral Church. The cathedral chapter was moved to a former Dominican church in the 16th century and after the Reformation it became a Protestant church. In the 17th century the cathedral became first the highest Parish Church, and a short time later the Reformed Court Church and Parish Church. Because of dilapidation Friedrich the Great had the cathedral pulled down in the 18th century and had a new Baroque building built where it now stands on the Spree Island. The present Berlin Cathedral was built in the years 1894 – 1905 near the former Berlin City Palace and Park. Emperor Wilhelm II had given the orders for it. The representative building in the style of the Italian High Renaissance was not undisputed because of its splendid ornamentat

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