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Getting started cutting

Getting started cutting

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Children first cut out the individual pieces of the puzzle and then glue them into printed patterns of different environments. They are based on the color template that is part of the workbook and the names of plants and animals that are printed on the back of each piece of the puzzle. Sticking creates new pictures from many interesting details. If only part of the picture is glued (bending flap), a two-stage developmental sequence of detail is created: for example, a blossom of a tree and a grown fruit

Additional tasks:

Among the spruces
After you finish the picture, look at the details on the side of the page. Can you find where they are in the picture?
Only attach the image of the seedling and bark to the bark beetle in the place of the small rectangle so that it can be opened.

Flowers and fruits of trees
Glue the fruits to the flowers. However, stick the pieces only in the place of th


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