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Bitov castle

Bitov castle

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Bitov is one of the oldest and most romantic castles in the Czech lands, built on a narrow naze, about 70 metres high above the Zeletavka river (today it is the westernmost embayment of the Vranov artificial lake), it was founded in 11th century as one of the fortresses protecting the borders of the Czech state. First written records come from 1185, when Bitov was the seat of one of the six Moravian regional officers and a large area was governed from here.

Local burgraves and royal chamberlains here were numerous members of famous Czech and Moravian noble families, for example: in 1253 it was Smil z Bilkova, in 1284 Jaroslav ze Sternberka and at the end of 13th century it was Rajmund z Lichtenburka who obtained the castle and manor as a feud from the king Wenceslas II.

Since 1949 the Bitov castle is under the state administration. The settlement around the castle, the former town of Bitov, was deluged by the waters of the artificial lake

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