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Egyptian Temple

Egyptian Temple

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The Schreiber Sheet “Egyptian Temple” represents a typical main temple as could be seen in many temple complexes during the time between 1550 and 1070 BC. A so-called “Temple Book” seems to have existed, describing the construction of the ideal temple and life within the temple. Temple complexes such as Philae and Edfu, which are still well preserved up to the present day, most likely took orientation from that book. The temple is mainly divided into four sections: the gateway (pylon), the courtyard, the hypostyle hall and the sanctuary (shrine). The gateway consists of two towers which flank the actual portal. On the walls of the towers one can see representations of Egyptian deities as well as the flagstaffs with triangular flags. The portal leads into the courtyard with its columns symbolising the stems of plants. Along the walls one can see reliefs. The courtyard leads into the hypostyle hall. This was the entrance to the main t

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