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Greek Bireme

Greek Bireme

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A Bireme is a warship from antiquity and is considered to be one of the first longboats used for journeys at sea. The expression “Bireme” comes from Latin and means that the oars were arranged in two rows above each other on both sides of the ship. Every row was occupied by several rowers. A rammer was fixed on the bow of the ship with which to attack enemy ships. In order to increase the speed for a ramming blow, a larger number of rowers was needed. At the same time there were less and less heavily armed men on board. The Bireme was one of the first ship models which were built according to definite rules and proportions. As a better protection for the rowers, the ship’s side was made higher. In order to make room for more rowers, the warships were built longer and longer. In order to keep the ships stable, they were not, however, allowed to be too long. And so the ships were often up to 30-35 metres long and in most cases had 50 rowers on each side.

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