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Jewish Museum Berlin

Jewish Museum Berlin

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Initially the Jewish Museum was only a department of the Berlin Museum. In order to gain more room, the city authorities of Berlin decided to provide the Jewish Museum with its own aisle next to the museum building in the 1980s. In 1989, the architect Daniel Libeskind, who in 2003 was also tasked with the reconstruction of the World Trade Center which was destroyed in New York on September 11th in 2001, was commissioned to build this aisle. The construction started in 1992 and was completed in 1999. For Libeskind it is not only the aesthetic or functional aspect of a building that is important, but also the philosophy and the culture behind the purpose of a structure. Libeskind called the draft of the Jewish Museum, which serves both as exhibition space and as a memorial, “Between the Lines”. This design is aimed at encouraging people to take a close look at the history and the fate of Jews in Germany. In the whole building Libeskind makes use

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