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Leaning Tower of Pisa
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Leaning Tower of Pisa

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The leaning tower belongs to an ensemble that makes up the cathedral complex in the Tuscan town of Pisa: the cathedral, the tower, the baptistery and the cemetery. In 1987 the ensemble was declared a World Cultural Heritage Site by the UNESCO. The tower itself was designed as the bell tower for the cathedral. With its round shape, rows of columns on all storeys and its originally planned height of 100 metres, it was meant to distinguish itself clearly from other towers in Italy and therefore demonstrate the wealth and the power of the medieval city-state of Pisa. According to the legend, Galileo Galilei conducted studies on the tower concerning the law of falling bodies. When the construction of the building began in 1173 there were considerable complications. After the third storey had been completed, the foundations subsided. The building began to lean. The construction work had to be stopped. It was only 100 years later that work on th

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