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Prague Castle

Prague Castle

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The biggest paper model of the biggest castle complex in the world.

From the archaeological finds and oldest written records it is concluded that the Prague Castle was founded in the second half of the 9th century. The place was chosen very well and corresponded to all requirements for a fort location: it offered a good overview, it was naturally protected but well accessible, it was possible to control the important stretch of the Vltava river. In the southeast a long rocky ridge descended steep into the valley of the Vltava river, in the north into the ravine of the Brusnice brook. In the west it was divided from the rest of the promontory by a natural trench, the so-called Hradcany furrow. In it's original phase, the castle's perimeter was demarcated only with a trench.

The Prague Castle of these days is the goal of thousands of Czech and foreign tourists, a place where huge exhibitions, concerts and other cultural events take place. I

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