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Austerlitz chateau - paper model

Austerlitz chateau - paper model

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The incentive for the Baroque conversion of the Kounic family Renaissance manor in Slavkov came from Lev Vilem's only son - Dominik Ondrej from Kounice. The task to build a representative manor for the family in place of the unsuitable Renaissance architecture was given to the Italian architect Domenik Martinelli from Lucca. The design of the new Baroque manor, in the style of so-called Danubian Baroque, was prepared by Martinelli in the 1680s and apart from the manor it also included the modifications and conversion of a larger part of the town with a new vicarage church. The actual building of the manor was designed on a U-shape ground plan.

The construction of the manor commenced in the final years of the 17th century under the supervision of the local master masons and with an occasional inspection by Martinelli. The western wing was built first. The authors of the interior decoration were also Italian artists - frescos we

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