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Steamboat Württemberg

Steamboat Württemberg

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For 65 years the impressive Elbe steam tug transported its loads on the Elbe. The contract for building the ship was signed by the “Neue Deutsch-Bohmische Elbeschiffahrt AG” in Dresden. The shipyard and machine factory of Gebrüder Sachsenberg in Roßlau built the ship from 1908 to 1909 so that it was launched in March 1909. The shipping company liked to call their ships after the federal states of the empire. And so the steamer was given the name “Württemberg”. After that it experienced a very varied history. The financial position of the firm was difficult, and the Free State of Saxony agreed to help, and became one of the main shareholders. When the personnel of the ship were sent to war during the Second World War, Chinese, Ukrainian and even French men were organized for forced labour. The ship also suffered during the war and the damage caused by air-raids had to be repaired after the war. Then the company was taken over by the State and fr

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