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Wartburg castle

Wartburg castle

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In the 11 th century, Landgrave Ludwig of Thuringia had a castle built on a 400m-high rock near the town of Eisenach. The name of the present Wartburg is said to go back to an alleged cry of the landgrave: “Wait, (”Wart”) rock, you will bear me a castle (”Burg”)”. Since then the Wartburg was the seat of the Thuringian court which was considered to be the centre of knightly poetic art at the beginning of the 13th century. During this time, according to a legend, the so-called “Singers’ war on the Wartburg” is said to have taken place. People who played an important role in history and religion were inhabitants of the Wartburg. Elisabeth of Thuringia lived from 1211 – 1228 on the Wartburg. She was married to Landgrave Ludwig IV. Because of her self-imposed ascetic way of life and her commitment to the poor, she threw the aristocratic court into a turmoil and had to leave the castle after her husband’s death. Already four years after her death she was c

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