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Hluboka chateau

Hluboka chateau

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Paper model will be delivered to a shipping service has been printed (or collect it in person to our office). Models are printed on high quality heavy paper and are printed at a professional level, using the most modern offset printing or laser printers.
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The paper model of the Hluboka chateau is the first one we did with the inclusion of some interiors. For a simplified construction, it is also possible to skip them and build the model in the traditional way. As the interiors of rooms at Hluboka are very attractive, it would be shame to lose them. The model, including the baseplate, can be complemented with artificial grass, trees and bushes for a more realistic look. The durafoil cover of the staircase is added.

Hluboka is our largest cut-out so far, and we believe that the friends of paper models will be truly pleased.

It includes building instructions in Czech, German and English.

Hluboka entered history in 1285 when the estate was ruled by Vitek, brother of Zavis of Falkenstejn. After Zavis was accused of high treason, Vítek refused to hand Hluboka over to royal hands and the Duke of Opava Mikulas had Zavis executed in front of Hluboka, on the so-called „Penalty

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